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spin | barre | yoga | trx 

Spin | barre | yoga | trx

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What is Union?

Group Fitness Classes


We believe that those who sweat together stay together. Armed with this philosophy, we’ve created a collective of members, instructors, and fitness enthusiasts, all dedicated to inspiring their neighbors inside our studio’s community, and the surrounding communities that support us. 

Group Fitness Classes

 Collective Fitness

Our classes are hard. And that’s the way all workouts should be. But when you’re with us, you have a team of classmates and motivators pushing you past your limits and into newfound strength. At the fitness studio we thrive off of the collective energy people create when they come together with a common goal and accomplish great things.

Personal Training

One on One

We want to help you become the best you you can possibly be. If this means private fitness & nutrition training to accommodate for injury, specific fitness goals or anything in between, we’ve got your back. We’ll provide you an open-concept fitness studio optimized for one on one training. Just provide the will, and we’ll give the way.

Fitness Studio

Giving Back

At the end of the day, it’s you, the community member, who makes what we do possible. You donate the sweat, and every month we donate our KARMA Class proceeds to a local charity of your choice. When it comes to moving forward, we’re all in this together.

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group fitness CLASSES

Personal Training

Union Cycle

Kick it into high gear with low lights and superb soundtracks. Union Cycle will tone your upper body, increase stability and coordination, and improve your cardiovascular conditioning. This 50-minute sweat session is led by brilliantly inspiring instructors and driven by the music! We balance between the resistance on the bike and the rhythm of the beat to motivate you through your ride and help you achieve your maximum calorie crush!

Karma Ride

Come cycle with Union's most promising instructors and sweat for the greater good!  Grab your spin shoes and water bottle to join Union for a heart pumping, butt kicking, Karma Ride! A minimum $10 donation benefiting the Canadian Tire Jumpstart program gets you a great workout and some extra karma. Donations from one full class provide 6 months of athletic funding for an underprivileged child. 

Friday Theme Ride

Join us every Friday after work for a Friday Spin Party! Each week we will feature a theme of the instructor's choice. Guaranteed to be a fun and sweaty way to start off your weekend! 

Spin it Old School

A new spin on some old favourites.  Groove your way through this old school, butt-kicking Union cycle class! The music will take you back as you sweat to the beat of these funky favourites!

Hip Hop Hump Day Spin

New school, old school, all the Hip Hop beats that you love in one amazing 50-minute ride! Hills, attacks and sprints will keep you sweatin’ and lovin’ every minute of this midweek spin party!

Booty Barre

This is your booty call. Developed by celebrity fitness expert Tracey Mallett, this workout fuses elements of Dance, Pilates, and Yoga to tone, define and chisel your whole body. The Booty Barre® method is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with added interval training to burn fat fast. No dance experience? No worries. You’ll find the music in you during this class for all skill levels.

Fitness Studio
Group Fitness Classes

Flow Yoga (for Cyclists)

This dynamic flow class is suitable for cyclists, runners & other fitness enthusiasts!  Stretch the legs & hips, release the low back, strengthen the core and bring balance to over trained muscles.  We’ll end with a sweet restorative chest opener to counteract hours spent on the bike.  Be prepared to sweat a little, improve your breathing and feel good all over.

Buti Yoga

Buti is a high-intensity workout that fuses yoga and dance with circuits of plyometrics and conditioning. Classes consist of deep stretching, buti-shaking and heart-pounding cardio. Dance moves are taken from various styles that focus on an intense shaking of the hips and are sure to get your energy high and your abs tight!

Yoga Sculpt

Get sculpted in this yoga with weights class that has the feel and flow of yoga that people love, with the benefits of weight training that people need. With dumbbells as the prop of choice, Yoga Sculpt takes traditional yoga poses and adds strengthening exercises to help you get stronger and longer! 

Flow into Yin Yoga

Express both sides of your personality in this eclectic yoga class. First, push yourself to the limit as you sweat through a challenging power flow. Then, chill out with long hold stretches and meditations to create harmony and vitality within.

Yoga for Athletes   

Joga is an athletic-based style of yoga that incorporates a unique blend of postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation tools to find balance in strength and flexibility, improve breath control/recovery and maintain a calm mind in sport and in life.

It focuses on the mechanics and movements of athletes is a program specifically designed to enhance athletic performance and injury prevention. The class is non-heated but be prepared to sweat.

TRX Body

In this TRX workout, you will increase strength, mobility and stability all while engaging the core.  Using basic foundational exercises along with TRX combo moves, you’ll work the entire body while keeping the heart rate elevated for a good calorie burn!           

*Bare feet, Grip Socks or indoor running shoes ONLY!

Group Fitness Classes

TRX Fusion

This class is the TRX Instructor’s choice! Be ready for TRX Intervals combined with cardio drills and Dumbbells!  Every week is something different…Get Your Game On!          

*Bare feet, Grip Socks or indoor running shoes ONLY!


HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training. And yes, it’s as sweaty as it sounds, but as effective too. This 50-minute class alternates periods of short, intense anaerobic exercises and TRX suspension training for a total body workout that feels like strength conditioning, but with the benefits of cardio. The result: An amazing class that builds superhero strength and the body to go with it.

*Bare feet, Grip Socks or indoor running shoes ONLY!

F’AB Ride

Ride your way to F’abulous abs with a 30-minute spin class that will strengthen and tone your lower body as you get your heart rate up. This is followed by 20-minutes of intensive abdominal work off the bike. It’s your perfect hybrid!

Spin, Strength & Stretch

Get a little bit of everything with this action-packed class! We start with 40 minutes of spin and then move to the TRX for a 20-minute upper body/core workout.  We finish off the straps with a yoga-inspired stretch designed to increase your functional range of motion, release muscle tension and cool things off.


Bike + TRX = TRike! Start with 30 minutes on the bike to improve leg strength and get your heart pumping, and then head to the straps for a TRX workout to build upper body and core strength. Your body will transform into a top-notch urban athlete in no time.

TRX & Yoga

TRX & Yoga unites the body, mind, and spirit. This class begins on the straps with 30 minutes of TRX to build total-body strength using basic foundational exercises & TRX combo moves.  You'll finish with a 30-minute yoga flow off the straps.  Come in and experience this new workout hybrid!  

Yoga Barre

Yogis, the Barre has been raised. A graceful lower body sculpt on the Barre is followed with Yoga postures for additional flexibility gains to give you the best in firming, toning, and feeling like you can take on the world.

Yoga Ride

Perfect for people who want it all, this 30-minute spin and 45-minute yoga combo gets your heart pumping and limbers you up all in one session.

Karma Yoga Ride

Come cycle and down dog with Union's most promising instructors and sweat for the greater good!  Grab your spin shoes, yoga mat and water bottle to join UNION for the perfect hybrid class, YOGA RIDE. This spin and yoga combo session gets your heart pumping and limbers you up all in one session.

A minimum $10 donation benefiting the Canadian Tire Jumpstart program gets you a great workout and some extra karma. Donations from one full class provide 6 months of athletic funding for an underprivileged child. 

The Circuit

This 60-minute workout utilizes the whole studio for a workout like no other! Circuit set-up full of plyometrics, TRX, dumbells, cardio drills, agility exercises and lots more. This will be your hardest workout of the week! High-energy circuit training at its best with loud bumpin’ tunes.

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personal training also available

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